Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th

The 4th of July weekend was so fun.
It all started on the 3rd (that is when Logan has there fireworks). We don't go to the stadium the girls are still to young I think. They hate to sit still for very long, so we just sit a churches lawn so they can run around. We sit with all of Jake's family and this year my Mom and Mandy came too. It was fun to watch Baylee this is the first year she has really noticed them. Kortni loved them specially the purple ones.
On the 4th we went to Ruth and Tim's for breakfast. We have been doing this ever since we got married. Me and Arien took the girls to the Hyrum parade. This year Jake and Justin were in it with the tow truck. The girls loved seeing them. When we got back we went over to the car show. This is what Jake looks forward to every year. He thinks he is going to win the car every year. NO LUCK THIS YEAR!! So we headed up to main where all the car drag so you can see them all. Justin and Arien were in it with Justin's truck. After the cars are done dragging they open main back up for all the cars. We like to sit there and watch all the people. Some of them are so crazy. Like the people that sat across the street were sitting in hot tubs. CRAZY!! We had a good time can't wait for next year.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A little of everything

We went camping over Father's Day weekend. It was going to be the Cooper Family Reunion (Jake's mom's family). By the time Friday came along the only people going out were Jake, Me, Kortni, Baylee, Justin, Arien, Jeremy, and Ashlee. So it was more like a Lindsay Family Reunion. On Saturday all it did is rain. It stop long enough for us to have a fire late in the evening. We were so glad to be home on Sunday, to be dry and clean.

Thursday we went over to see Grandma Long to celebrate her birthday with her. Well a few days later. She wasn't home on her birthday. We went to Moab with the Nursing Home. I think it is so neat that they take her places. She said they walked in the river. I couldn't believe she did that she has always been afraid of water. We all went to JanDee's to have cake and ice cream with her. It was so much fun. We all love her so much she is such a great example to us. She turned 87 years old.

Saturday me and Jake went out just the two of us. That doesn't happen very often. My mom came and watch the girls. Jake took me to Olive Garden, then we just went shopping. It was so nice to have a night out. Thanks MOM!! Sunday I had to make dinner. This usually never happens. My Father-in-law makes Tacos the family every Sunday, but Ruth has been so sick. She didn't want to get around the girls so I made dinner and had Justin and Arien over to eat with us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Trip to Salt Lake and Cabella's

On Friday we went to Salt Lake City with Grandma and Grandpa Lindsay. We had to take Kortni to Primary Children's for an eye appointment. It is always a scary for me when I take her. You never know what they are going to say. Today it wasn't such great news. He said she is losing the ability to bring her eyes back to where they need to be. So surgery is in the future. He always has told me he wants to see her in six months or so, this time he said four to six months. If there is a drastic change to call him asap. It is so hard to think about it, she is my baby I hate for her to have to go through it. But I'm glad we have Primary Children's so close. They are amazing.

After we left the doctor, Grandpa wanted to take the girls to Cabella's. Kortni loves it she liked looking at all the stuffed animals. There was even a couple of horses. She wanted them. We got fudge and roasted almonds, they were amazing. Kortni wanted to get daddy a hat to take back to him. She called daddy and said, "daddy it is a hunting store you need to come here."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just joined a bunko team. It is so much fun. Arien called me and asked if I would join her team. We play on the last Thursday of every month. A couple hours before we were going to go, Arien called me and said she was sick and not going to make it. So I was a little nervous about going by myself (you know me). Arien called back and said she got Jennifer to go with me. So we went and had the best time. I won for having the most bunkos. I can't wait for next time.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hogle Zoo and This is the Place Monument

Yesterday we went to Hogle Zoo and This is the Place Monument. Jake's Mom and Dad, Jeremy, Ashlee, and Jennifer went with us. Kortni was so excited to get to go and see all the animals. She loved the Zebras and elephants. It was so fun to watch her and Baylee when they seen the animals. We were sad that the hippos aren't there anymore.

Then we went across the street to have a picnic at This is the Place Monument. I have never been to see the Monument before it was really neat. The gift shop was neat to. The girls talked their dad into buying them a toy. They both had to have stuffed horses. Of course. It was a great day.